Curb appeal is a significant factor in impressing buyers. In fact, well-manicured properties may be worth 5.5% to 12.7% more than similar homes in the same area with minimal landscaping. Some elements take precedence over others. A disorganized layout and poor implementation could turn people away.


Why Landscaping Improves A Home's Value

Landscaping increases the perceived value of a home because it makes the property look good. Our society values attractive homes.

But it goes beyond that. On a psychological level, knowing that someone takes the time to care for their property makes you believe that the house has also been maintained properly over the years. Landscaping requires consistent and regular upkeep. If a property owner is diligent about the yard, they’re probably also diligent about building repairs and preservation.

Moreover, the right landscaping can protect the house from damage. Trees and shrubs can shield the building from wind and help with temperature regulation inside. Different drainage techniques prevent the home from flooding. Healthy lawns and native plants slow water flow, averting foundation problems. A house with thoughtful landscaping is generally in better shape than one with no efforts put into the outdoor space.

22 Landscape Ideas & Features That Increase Home Value

You can approach landscape projects from several angles to increase your home’s value. Some of them may not be options where you live. However, others are easy to implement and have impressive results.

1. A Well-Maintained Lawn

If nothing else, pay attention to your lawn for a cost-effective way to increase your home’s value. Keep it lush by fertilizing, watering and mowing appropriately. A lawn service can recommend treatments to keep your Florida lawn lush.

2. Shrubs And Trees

Mature trees can boost your home’s value by up to 19%. You have to be careful about where you plant trees and shrubs, however. As they grow, the roots can crack foundations, patios, driveways and pipes. Trees that are planted too close can damage the house’s roof or siding. A professional can provide guidance for planting trees and shrubs that are resistant to disease and easy to maintain.

3. Tidy Garden

You don’t have to grow extraordinary blossoms to make your garden look impeccable. Some buyers don’t want to fuss with an extravagant garden. What you should do is remove rotting plants and get rid of weeds. Keep your mulch fresh and your borders edged, and your garden will be ready for selling.

4. Landscaped Pathway

If you want to landscape your existing pathways, consider using natural stone, a winding outline and neighboring plants to increase their appeal. A professional can help you design a landscaped walkway that fits with your house’s style.

5. Lighting

Lighting has aesthetic and functional properties. It can deter burglars, illuminate a backyard party and shine on walkways to help you maintain your footing in the dark. Good outdoor lighting also creates a striking ambiance at night.

6. All-Season Deck / Outdoor Kitchen

Perhaps your kitchen isn’t spectacular. If you add an outdoor cooking area, your lackluster kitchen won’t detract from your home’s value. An all-season deck extends your dining area.

7. Pop Of Color Through Container Plants, Garden Bed

If you can’t add a splash of color to your front door or shutters, consider adding it to your landscape elements. Container plants are easy to place in strategic locations to disguise unattractive elements and give your property some personality.

8. Automated Irrigation System

Watering your lawn properly is one of the keys to keeping it healthy. An automated irrigation system takes the pressure off of scheduling this task and makes it easier to keep up with lawn care. The average cost of a new irrigation system is $2,500, but homeowners typically recoup about 86% of that cost when they sell.

9. Professional Landscape Design

Strategic, eye-catching and low-maintenance landscaping can raise your home’s value by up to 20%. Hiring a professional landscaper can help you avoid detrimental mistakes, such as using inadequate materials, failing to create a cohesive space or adding potentially damaging elements.

10. Make Sure The Grass Is Well Cut And Edged

Tidiness goes a long way. Even if your lawn isn’t perfect, you can enhance its curb appeal by edging around driveways, walkways, flower beds and the street. Keeping it trimmed will prevent it from looking scraggly.

11. Update The Walkways

A pretty pathway is inviting. At minimum, keep your walkways clean. Pressure-wash them regularly to eliminate mildew, grime and stains. Repair unsightly cracks. Update them with a new border, or flank them with a container garden.

12. Trim The Shrubs

You may not notice how much your shrubs have grown if you see them every day. Trim them so that they don’t extend over walkways or patios. There should be plenty of space between shrubs and building structures to promote airflow and minimize moisture problems.

13. Plant More Trees

It can take five to seven years for trees to mature fully. Plant them now so that they have plenty of time to grow before you sell your house.

14. Make It Easier To Maintain

Curb appeal has to be convenient to add practical value to your home. A complex garden may be eye-catching, but it has to be realistic. Extravagant landscaping that requires upkeep may be too much hassle for many buyers.

15. Reduce Environmental Impacts

Reducing environmental impacts often translates to savings for the homeowner. Shade trees can help you save energy on your heating and cooling bills. Plants that grow well in your native climate require less water and fertilizer.

16. Pay More Attention To Privacy

Plan your landscaping intelligently. Use low-maintenance plantings to provide privacy. When your yard feels like a secluded retreat, it will be more inviting to buyers.

17. Lay Down A Fresh Bed Of Mulch

Mulch smothers weeds and creates a clean, uniform look. Conceal untidy gardens by draping them with landscape fabric and covering them with mulch. It’s a quick and affordable way to design spaces that serve as a blank canvas for future projects.

18. Highlight Your Home With Landscape Lighting

When you’re particularly proud of a certain element of your landscaping, highlight it. Draw attention to your house’s architectural features, or glam up your prized plantings. Your home will look safe and welcoming even at night.

19. Accent Walkways With Lights

Solar lights are a quick and easy way to add some flow to your landscape. The safety aspect can add value to your home.

20. Design An Outdoor Living Space

Enhancing your outdoor space is like adding more square footage to your house. Functional outdoor living spaces can be built into patios and decks and dramatically boost the property’s value.

21. Introduce A Water Feature

Why are water features in yards so breathtaking? They drown out noise pollution and add interest to the landscape. A simple fountain can make your deck feel spa-like. A pond or waterfall can be installed to capture rainfall.

22. Keep Up With Extra Space Storage

It doesn’t matter how amazing your yard is if it’s strewn with lawn equipment and toys. Buyers will appreciate having a place to store their gear, and keeping it out of sight helps you sell your home.

Natural Green: Landscaping Experts

You don’t have to plan and tackle all of your outdoor projects on your own. Natural Green landscaping experts can consult with you on the best solutions for your property. They will also implement your customized plan, using natural and organic methods that are safe for your plants, children and pets.

We understand the Pinellas County, Florida, area. Our team is experienced with the humid summers, torrential rainfall and hurricanes. We can help you optimize your landscaping so that you can enjoy your outdoor space, protect your home and raise your property’s value.

FAQs About Landscaping And Home Value

People ask us about landscaping and home values all the time. In fact, it’s our favorite topic of conversation at parties. This is how we usually answer these common questions.

How Does Landscaping Increase Home Value?

Imagine that you’re standing in front of two identical homes. One has a beautiful, well-maintained yard. The other has a bare patch of spotty grass. Which would you pay more to purchase? We rest our case.

People value aesthetics. A nicely landscaped yard also extends your living space and helps you get the most use out of the property. Plus, it protects the building from the elements.

Does Landscaping Help Appraisal?

It comes straight from the horse’s mouth. The Appraisal Institute reports that landscaping has a major impact on a home’s value.

How Much Does Landscaping Add To Appraisal?

The value that landscaping adds to your appraisal is contingent on how it compares to other properties in the area. Typically, landscaping adds about 5.5% to 12.7% to a home’s appraisal.

Does Yard Work Increase Property Value?

You don’t have to perform extensive renovations to increase your property value. Even if you don’t have mature trees, a water feature or elaborate gardens, you can showcase a simple, well-maintained yard. Your property makes up about 85% of what buyers see when they drive up. Keep it tidy by trimming bushes and lawns, edging borders, adding new mulch and discarding debris.

If you use a lawn care service to do your yard work, potential buyers won’t have to start from scratch when they move in. A well-maintained, simple yard is better than a poorly maintained, intricate one. If you haven’t done yard work in a while, a new homeowner is going to have a big project ahead of them and may not pay top dollar for the home.

Have questions? Contact us to schedule a free yard analysis.