Make a Payment Online

Read to section below entitled “How To Enter Your Invoice Code”. It will explain how to enter your invoice code correctly.

Create an Online Payment Account

If you are interested, you can sign up for an online payment account. Just email for a username and password! Once your account has been created you can login and do the following:

  • Add a credit card and set up recurring payments for future invoices
  • Make one-time payments to unpaid invoices

master cardvisadiscover

Make a One-Time Payment Without an Account

If you do not want to create an account but have received an invoice, you can pay it online by doing the following:

  • Open up your invoice and locate the invoice code. Note: The invoice code is not the same as the invoice number.
  • Click on “Pay By Invoice Code”
  • Enter your invoice code
  • Enter your payment information

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How To Enter Your Invoice Code

This is not your invoice code.

This is your invoice code.

Enter your invoice code here.

  • You must include the dashes between each set of charachters.
  • Do not include quotes around the invoice code.
  • Make sure to remove any extra spaces if you have copied and pasted the code from your invoice.

“12ABC-34FGH” – This invoice code will not work since it has quotes in it.
12ABC34FGH – This invoice code will not work since it does not have dashes in it.
12ABC-34FGH – This invoice code will work.

Then click “Find Invoice”.

Now enter your payment information.