Mosquito Control Services in St. Petersburg, FL


Get Rid of Mosquitos

Nothing ruins an outdoor experience like a swarm of aggressive mosquitos. Because of Florida’s tropical climate, mosquitos generally have a year-round presence. In addition to causing an itchy welt after they attack, the buzzing carnivores are also known for spreading deadly diseases, like West Nile and Zika. By combining our natural products with knowledgeable and routine prevention methods, Natural Green can help to keep your outdoor space a sanctuary that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year.

Treat your yard and stop putting on harmful Deet products to stop mosquitos. While those harsh products like these help to stop a mosquito from biting, our spray helps stop mosquitos from coming in your yard in the first place.

If you would be interested in adding on this service to your existing plan, or for more details on the service itself and the pricing, please contact us for answers to your questions. Clients who already have one of our service plans will receive a discounted price to add Mosquito Control to their existing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

No mosquito control can be 100%. A mosquito resting in a neighbor’s untreated yard could fly to your property and bite you. The good news is once it seeks shelter in your yard it will die shortly after from your monthly treatment. The chances of this are reduced because of our treatments creating a safe barrier.

Yes of course. One of the biggest reasons for a large population of mosquitos is a water source. After it rains check your yard for anything that could hold water like an empty bucket or kids toys. If you have a pond make sure you have good circulating water with some type of pump with a water feature. Mosquitos look for stagnant water to lay their eggs. Having gold fish or mosquito fish in your pond will also help.

Our treatments are designed to last 1 month.

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